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Bathe me in Shower Bombs Please

July 26, 2017

When I found out that shower bombs were a thing, let’s just say I was v excited.

Like VERY excited.

I’m a huuuuge fan of bath bombs.

I’ve tried almost every single Lush bath bomb. I even thought about making them at home (but then remembered I don’t have a bathtub at school…).


As much as I love baths, I get why not everyone is into them.

They use a lot of water, they take time, they don’t really get you that clean, and forget trying to wash your hair in a bath…

Showers on the other hand-

I honestly struggle not to shower too much.

(You know, the whole ‘you’re not supposed to wash your hair or skin too much because of the oils, etc’).

Anyway, in summary: I love showers and I love bath bombs.

Enter: shower bombs.

Shower bombs are exactly what they sound like: bath bombs but for a shower.

(Are you feeling the magic of this discovery as much as I am?!)

Δ  Δ  Δ

As soon as I found out that shower bombs were a thing, I ordered these Level Naturals Shower Bombs.

The name of the shower bomb game is definitely aromatherapy. The Level bombs come in various scents:

+ Menthol and Eucalyptus
+ Lavender
+ Cucumber

The smell of eucalyptus and lavender has been proven to be a stellar sleep aid (I swear by my ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray).

But because I usually shower in the morning, I went with the cucumber scent.

I’m also just going through a cucumber phase. I’m currently literally drinking cucumber water while writing this and had a cucumber sandwich for dinner yesterday… but that’s all a different post.


How do you use a shower bomb?

All ya gotta do it stick it by your feet in the stream of water and let the deliciousness begin.

Amazon also has some shower tablets, but they just don’t sound as cool, do they?).  If anyone tried these, let me know!

This particular shower bomb raved about transforming an ordinary shower into a steamy aromatherapy paradise. Honestly, I didn’t see any much steam but my shower is pretty big (one of those shower/bath combos). I have a feeling in a smaller shower (like a pod type-shower), there might be more steam. It did smell awesome the whole time though!

So if your morning (or nightly) shower needs some sprucing up, I highly recommend trying out a shower bomb!




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