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Make your Workout Drama Free

August 21, 2017


Today’s post might go a little TMI but what fun is a blog without some taboo?

Let’s chat about staying comfortable while working out.

Staying comfortable undergarment-wise.

Of course, that dress code will vary a bit from workout to workout (ie. pole dancing might not require quite the same things as a 5k run).

But overall, it’s all about keeping a workout as drama-free as possible.

So here are some tips on staying comfortable, from post-downward-dog to  mid-russian-deadlift.

Δ  Δ  Δ

+ stretchy sports bras

Not all sports bras were created equal. The post-workout-getting-off-your-sports-bra-dance is very real.

So skip some of the drama and invest in some softer, stretchier sports bras.

There are plenty out there (not including the $50+ sports bras… Looking at you, BodyRock). This UnderArmour one is a personal favourite of mine.


+ material matters

Real talk: no one buys underwear just for working out.

But it’s worth thinking about what material your wearing during your sweat sesh. Go for a cotton or lycra material to keep it all cool and comfy down there…


+ shorts with undershorts

I know this sounds a bit odd. But you know what I’m talking about right?!

Some sports shorts have wee underwear sewn into them. I’m a fan of still wearing some panties under them but find that I’m a lot less paranoid about a mid-yoga flash.


+ long shirts over leggings

If you’re the kind of person that stresses about panty-lines when wearing leggings, just throw on a butt-covering shirt!

Simple, effective, and kiss those paranoias goodbye. Tommy John (prompted) has some ultra soft boyfriend-shirts and muscle tanks (and some dope sportswear for guys too. They claim they fixed men’s underwear 😏).


Overall, undergarments while working out are all about keep yourself physically and mentally comfy!

What are some of your workout-wear-underwear hacks?


PS. Sorry for the lack of photos on posts recently, I’m just moving into my flat so it’s in a bit of a state atm….

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