New Year, Same Me

January 12, 2019

I hope your new years eve was fun-filled and not too blurry.

While I’m sure there are a million posts out there about new years resolutions, I think we need to take a minute to talk about the ‘new year, new me’ attitude.

I am alllllll for new projects and always working on yourself, both in mind and body.


I think it’s also important to back yourself and sometimes take a second to remember how far you’ve come!

So what if you didn’t drop those ten pounds or read those 100 books from last year’s resolutions. Instead, maybe you took up yoga once a week or started keeping up with the news more. That’s dope!

Here’s my challenge to you: take a minute to realise everything you’ve done.

2019 can be about building, not just totally starting over.

Taking a minute to give myself credit for 2018 has definitely been eye-opening. I graduated!
Got a job!
Moved to London!
Moved back out of London!
Started a masters degree!
And wrote a decent 3000 paper in two days.

I can confidently say, “go me” for all that.

I feel like ~society~ is so obsessed with productivity and moving forward without ever looking back. But there’s definitely a medium to be found. It’s good to take a minute to see your progress. And then go back to planning and crushing it and all that.

So that’s my mini post to kick off 2019. I’m so excited to see what this year has in store!

What’s your proudest or random accomplishment of 2018?


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