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Secret Sleep Saboteurs

August 14, 2017

I just landed back in the UK and let me tell you…

The jet lag is real.

Something about going forward in time zones just wrecks my sleep cycle.

Of course, there are a million posts and articles out there about what to do to improve your sleep.

The three-hour cycle rule, avoiding caffeine, etc.

But what about things that are messing up your sleep?

To put my own spin on Casper’s awesome “Sleep Like a Champion” infographic and prompt, here are some culprits that are making you miss out on your zzzz’s.


I’m so bad about this. Have you ever slept for 12 hours and felt like a zombie going through the next day? Yup, welcome to oversleeping.

Weirdly enough, I’m most productive on 6 hours of sleep (but need a little more on vigorous workout days).

Give me 9 and I’ll live but I’ll just feel a little more sluggish and less, well, awake.

Try it!

the wrong temperature

Sleeping in a hot room can actually keep you from both falling and staying asleep.

This also means I love leaving my window a crack open all winter to get my bedroom down to the perfect sleep temperature. So to avoid sabotaging your vitamin Z, add a fan to your bedside decor or pop open a window before bed.

Pro tip: Have a blanket or robe within arms reach in case you get cold in the morning. If you get hot at night, think about a breathable mattress that keeps your sleep cool.

being unfashionable

Is there anything better than that one perfect ultra soft tshirt you’ve slept in to perfection? No, no there isn’t.

I guess this goes hand in hand with getting the perfect sleeping temperature. Wearing the right stuff to bed can definitely help your get optimal sleep.

pulling all nighters

Tbh I avoid all nighters like the plague. There is so much research about how they wreck havoc on your body and can reduce reaction time by 300%! That’s crazy!

There are also so many ways to avoid all nighters. I’m not going to get all preachy about doing your work ahead of time but consider planning out things you have to get done and leaving some stuff for the morning.

Even three hours of sleep is better than none!


Everyone totally underrates how individual sleeping is. Be proud of your sleeping quirks!

For example, I can’t sleep in pants. I need to sleep in short or, ahem, a little less. It’s just one of my many endearing qualities I suppose. 😉

But no matter how you sleep, hopefully these tips and Casper’s cool graphic help you avoid sabotaging your efforts.

Are you guilty of any of these? What are your weird sleep quirks?

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