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#1 Trick for More Energy

June 19, 2015

You know those days when you just feel tired even with a full 8 hours of sleep? Your head screams it and your skin shows it? There might be a super simple solution: drink more water.

Now before you groan about another blogger posting about hydration, hear me out. Water is seriously magical (ask any chemistry student, even its molecule is kinda awesome). Water is super important for humans. It help with almost all internal processes and can greatly influence our outward appearance too.

Drinking water helps you shed water weight as well. When you don’t drink enough water, your body holds on to all the water it can get because it isn’t sure when it’ll get more. “Watering” yourself daily can help you not only lose weight but also helps during exercise; doing everything from helping regulate body temperature to lubricating joints. Basically, it’s pretty awesome.


So now you’re sold right? Question is how much of it should you drink per day? Most studies show you should multiply your weight by 2/3 and then add 12 oz for every 30 minutes that you work out. This will give you a rough estimate of how much water you should drink. For a full (and math-done-for-you) table, check this out.

Lastly, lets talk about how to drink that much water. I think a problem that a lot of people run into is that they doesn’t realise that things like soda or even alcohol don’t help hydrate at all. Even coffee isn’t the best (it does kinda count as water by the effects of the coffee slightly negate some of the benefits of water). All being said you can get your daily intake of water simply by:
+ sipping some tea
+ throwing some fruit (think strawberries and oranges) into a water bottle and filling it up a couple times a day
+ putting three bottles in the fridge every night and trying to drain them by the end of the day
+ have at least three glasses during meals at a restaurant (it’s free!)
+ accompany any soda you have with a glass of water

See? There are so many super easy tricks to up your water intake. For more about water’s magical properties, check out this article from Greatist.

Do you also swear by water? How do you reach your 8 glasses a day? You might also be interested in ionizing and filtering your water so it’s less contaminated, making it even healthier for you to drink, check out different water filter system websites, such as waterfilterway (their website here)


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