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Friday Round Up: 5 Things To Read on Your Coffeebreak

June 12, 2015

TGIF! This week seems to crawl by but at least tomorrow is the weekend! So while you’re grabbing a coffee to power through that last meeting or catching the Jitney out the Hamptons, here are 5 things to read en route:

+ If you think you have a snacking problem (ha, don’t we all), good news! A new study found that snacking is actually just pre-programmed in your brain. So it’s kinda not your fault… or so I whisper to myself mid-Toblerone. (Read here at

+ I loveeee this post called “No, I don’t want to work out with you” by Nicholas Miriello. As much as I love trying new classes, I do kinda hate working out with people. He just gets me on a deep level. (Read here at

+Ever thought about what airport carpets have to go through? While your first thought might be to cringe, if you find yourself a bit intrigued, check out this article from CNN about a website dedicated to appraising various airport carpets worldwide. I’m a fan. (Read here at

+Americans really are venturing out into the big world. Data shows that 35% of Americans finally have a passport; which I find to be an almost shockingly low percentage considering an American accent never seems to be too far away when traveling. (Read more at

+ Ever heard of “champing?” No? Me neither. Apparently camping in a church is a thing now. I think it would be pretty cool to get handed a massive iron key and be left alone in a Gothic church for a night. Creepy? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. (Read more at

Have you read anything else cool around the web today? Share the link in the comments!


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