How to Breathe Out Fat… Wait what?

June 20, 2015


Yes you read that correctly. And before you quit your browser, hear me out (and please keep breathing regularly).

Lungs are actually the main weight-loss organ according to a new UNSW Australia study.

Until now it was mainly thought that fat cells got converted to energy and heat through a process called ketosis. This conversion makes them shrink which results in your jeans getting a little looser. Generally, this process was thought to happen when you ingest less calories than you burn, causing your body to use fat reserves of energy instead. People who have tried this process may have decided to take something similar to these ketosis supplements to help them see an improvement in their weight. Unfortunately, though, this process and diet may not work for everyone who is looking to lose weight.

But it’s been argued that this violated the Law of Conservation of Mass (tbt to all those high school science classes) which states that mass cannot be created or destroyed. The science field is actually somewhat stunningly in the dark about how weight loss actually happens. This is why this new study is awesome (aside from the whole breathing out fat thing; which I’m about to get to).


SO. This breathing out fat business. Here’s how it works. Are you ready?

In that process called ketosis, triglycerides from the fat cells get released as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. 20% of these stay in the body as water (H2O) and 80% of these leave the body as carbon dioxide (Co2)…. aka the stuff you exhale.

Mind = blown.

While the idea that you breathe out fat may sound like fantasy, it actually makes a lot of sense. This is why you technically burn calories in your sleep. But before you start hyperventilating to get bikini ready remember that you only breathe out triglycerides that have been broken down and released, ie. when your body uses the fat to power a workout or make up for energy/calories that it needs but haven’t been ingested.

So what do think? Is your mind blown or are you a bit skeptical? I’m so so curious to hear what you think.

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