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Out with the Old, In With the New: How to Make Running Interesting

June 15, 2015

Running makes me happy. I hit the pavement when I’m stressed, happy, sad, excited or bored. And it’s got a bunch of benefits.

But admittedly, it can sometimes get a bit monotonous doing the same paths with the same playlists all the time. Shaking up your run can be super motivating and easy too!

Here are a few suggestions on how to make running interesting:

Switch up your music.

I make it a point to add at least three news songs to my running playlist every two weeks. If I run to the same tired song all the time, I just end up waiting for the song to end rather than hopping along to it.

Explore uncharted territory.

No matter where you’re running, chances are you haven’t been down every street. Instead of running in the park, run along the outside or just go the totally opposite direction. (Note: when doing this, make sure you have a charged phone or access to Google Maps because chances are you’ll get a little lost… I was once a mile off course and my phone died, thank god for friendly Scottish people who give good directions).


Track it.

I can’t run without my Nike GPS watch. I just need the motivation of knowing how far I’ve gone. There are so many amazing run-tracking apps; from basics like NikePlus and RunKeep, to more funky ones like Zombies, Run! (one of my favourites).

Hit the gym.

Tired of running in the cold air during winter? Take it inside. Treadmills can actually be great for helping build a steady pace. And plus, the eye-candy at the gym generally isn’t too bad either.

Get a friend.

Switch up the company you keep. I personally am a lone wolf when it comes to running; I like to think of it as just my time. But a bunch of studies prove and runners swear that hitting the road with a friend is the best motivation. If I ever try it out, I’ll be sure to tell you my verdict.


Change your shoes.

Nothing makes me want to go out for a run more than new shoes. I love breaking them in, noting how they feel different for before. Also just going for a run in super fun shoes for showing off totally counts as a good motivator too.

Walk, Run, Repeat.

If you’re get bored of doing the same 5 or 10k over and over, try some interval training. I always sprint the last 20 meters home and it’s probably my favourite part of my runs. Whether it’s something formal, like 30 sec sprinting, 1 min running, 1 min walking or just sprinting between every third lamppost, intervals not only build your stamina, but also make your run a lot more interesting. Your run becomes a lot more mental.

Is there anything you do to keep your runs interesting and fun?

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