Overnight Bags: A simple How-To

June 14, 2015

Most of us have probably been packing overnight bags from the age of 7. For sleepovers, class trips, etc. But I’ll be honest for a second, I still almost always forget something. I just spent a night in Jersey and I admittedly forgot my brush and a bra for the next day (tmi?).


I’ve realised that there are just five main things you have to remember when packing: Silk Sleepwear, your branded cosmetics, clothes, underwear and other (like a beach-read book or headphones) These are all important and are ‘must-packed’ items for when you’re going away for a night, a week or a month.

So here’s the breakdown of how to pack an overnight bag:

+ Sleepwear: whether it’s a t-shirt and shorts or full on onesie (hey, to each their own), pack something to sleep in.

+ Cosmetics: yes, this includes a toothbrush. While you probably can rely on your host for toothpaste and shampoo, bring your own brushes and deodorant.

+ Dresses: this kind of goes without saying but bring a change of clothes for the next day. Even if it’s just a new shirt, you’ll feel so much fresher in new clothes.

+ Underwear: (not pictured below, sorry, I don’t think we’re that close quite yet) this is a big one yet I have often been guilty of forgetting. Just. Don’t. Forget.

+ Other: there are a bunch of other things that you might need for a trip; from a gift for your host or headphones for the train, just throw them in. Better safe than sorry.


Anything else that you can’t survive the night without?

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