Make Your Very Own Personalised Hotel Room

June 30, 2015

All hotel rooms look the same after a while. They have some sort of mass-produced carpet, some sort of curtains, and a TV with an overly complex remote.

While hotel rooms aren’t really meant to be more than a place to rest your head or take a much-needed post-tourism shower, everyone likes to “come home” to a nice personalised hotel room. While the glass wall panels in your hotel room might make it look quite like an office, these are a bunch of little ways to make a hotel room a little bit more like home.

1. Flowers
Flowers are perfect for decorating a room during a short trips (since they only last for a couple days anyway). Flowers brighten any room and you can get them pretty cheap from any nearby grocer.

2. Unpack Your Shoes
Not only does this actually help make space in your suitcase (which is important if you plan on living out of it) but also adds a nice lived-in touch to a hotel room. (Plus, why not show of those new summer sandals to the not-quite-eggshell-white walls?)

3. Candle
Candles are great to travel with because they’re small, totally airplane safe and add such a nice feel to any room instantly. Bonus: your room will smell amazing.



4. Jewellery Dish
I got this idea from my favourite travel blogger ever, Queen of Jetlags. Bring a little jewellery dish or just display your jewellery. Basically by putting your own stuff everywhere, hotel rooms generally start to feel more like your own.

5. Take over the Bedside Table
Plug in your chargers (with converters of course) and line up your Kindle. Having everything in reach like at home almost guarantees a good night’s sleep.

6. Set Up Your Office
If you’re somewhere for a business trip (or juggling business with pleasure… like say writing a blogpost everyday… teehee), claim the desk area as your own. Set up your notebooks, laptop and charger to get ready for some early morning productivity.

If you want a real change of scenery, office sharing is also now a huuuuuge trend. You can look into hot desks and office sharing in practically any major city.

All these little things make hotel rooms so much nice. A little personalisation never killed nobody.
Do you do any of these? Have any other personalising tips?


* Images from here and here

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