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The Great Balancing Act: Life vs. Fitness

July 10, 2015


Let’s all be real for a second: we could alllll use a 25th hour of the day sometimes.

Between jobs, school, projects, friends and fitness, we all tend to become master jugglers.

Whether you’re a student, office worker or jetsetter (#lifegoals), I’ll be the first to admit that when things get crazy, fitness is sometimes the first thing we skimp out on. Balancing life and fitness is hard. So today I wanted to share a little post I wrote for TheLadders about creating some harmony between hectic everyday life and fitness goals. Whether you’ve got a solid work-week routine or are just starting to search around for the big E (employment!), these tips can hopefully help.

1. Work working-Out Into Your Schedule
Just like I said in my post about designing your own workout routine, it’s really important to really structure in time for working out. Make the gym your happy space or a morning run the jumpstart to your day. Keep it up for a few days and it’ll start to feel like second nature.

2. Take a Real Lunch Break
I know this isn’t always possible and might sound like a broken record, but try getting out of the office/school for some fresh air or just set aside time to really eat. I knowwww this is easier said than done; why just eat a salad when you could eat a salad and check emails? If you really focus on eating (and not multitasking), you’re going to feel fuller and more settled.


3. Get A Fitness Buddy/Community
Us humans are social creatures. So get together a weekly gym crew, recruit your cubical buddy for daily walks or hunt down an online fitness forum; whatever works for you. Some enjoy talking about Xwerks CBD products together to improve their workouts. If you want to take up a sport like tennis, you can use a tennis partner finder to seek out tennis players in your area you can buddy up with to play! While I personally don’t like working out with people, I love talking with my friend about what they’ve been trying and exchanging tips. Even if it’s just someone to get matching twin sets with, anything helps to give you motivation to achieve your goals.

4. Remember 80/20
Another problem that can stem from a delicate work/fitness balance is the feeling that if you mess up one day, your past month of good eating and working out is ruined. I promise it’s not. Tonnnns of people swear by the 80/20 rule: eat really well 80% of the time and give yourself 20% to enjoy yourself. That Venti Chai Latte with whipped cream (is that a thing?) won’t be the end of the world. We do recommend having a look at best bcaas for men to get you on the right track and help keep away those cravings!

5. Stop thinking about Fitness Separate from Life
I know this sounds cheesy and sounds like it’s asking a lot but if you make fitness your life, it won’t be a chore or an extra thing on your plate. It’ll just be. I can personally say if you start thinking of fitness as your go-to or just default way of being, it all gets 10x easier.

(Here is a photo of how awesome you’ll feel:)


All this is easier said than done; trust me I know. But all it reallllly takes is some willpower and good organisation to make balancing life and fitness second nature. I always tell myself that if Anna Wintour can fit in a tennis game before her daily morning blowout, I can fit in some weekly gym-time.

What other kinds of posts would you guys like to see!? How do you balance everything?

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