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The Great Balancing Act: Life vs. Fitness

July 10, 2015


Let’s all be real for a second: we could alllll use a 25th hour of the day sometimes.

Between jobs, school, projects, friends and fitness, we all tend to become master jugglers.

Whether you’re a student, office worker or jetsetter (#lifegoals), I’ll be the first to admit that when things get crazy, fitness is sometimes the first thing we skimp out on. Balancing life and fitness is hard. So today I wanted to share a little post I wrote for TheLadders about creating some harmony between hectic everyday life and fitness goals. Whether you’ve got a solid work-week routine or are just starting to search around for the big E (employment!), these tips can hopefully help.

1. Work working-Out Into Your Schedule
Just like I said in my post about designing your own workout routine, it’s really important to really structure in time for working out. Make the gym your happy space or a morning run the jumpstart to your day. Keep it up for a few days and it’ll start to feel like second nature.

2. Take a Real Lunch Break
I know this isn’t always possible and might sound like a broken record, but try getting out of the office/school for some fresh air or just set aside time to really eat. I knowwww this is easier said than done; why just eat a salad when you could eat a salad and check emails? If you really focus on eating (and not multitasking), you’re going to feel fuller and more settled.


3. Get A Fitness Buddy/Community
Us humans are social creatures. So get together a weekly gym crew, recruit your cubical buddy for daily walks or hunt down an online fitness forum; whatever works for you. Some enjoy talking about Xwerks CBD products together to improve their workouts. If you want to take up a sport like tennis, you can use a tennis partner finder to seek out tennis players in your area you can buddy up with to play! While I personally don’t like working out with people, I love talking with my friend about what they’ve been trying and exchanging tips.

4. Remember 80/20
Another problem that can stem from a delicate work/fitness balance is the feeling that if you mess up one day, your past month of good eating and working out is ruined. I promise it’s not. Tonnnns of people swear by the 80/20 rule: eat really well 80% of the time and give yourself 20% to enjoy yourself. That Venti Chai Latte with whipped cream (is that a thing?) won’t be the end of the world. We do recommend having a look at best bcaas for men to get you on the right track and help keep away those cravings!

5. Stop thinking about Fitness Separate from Life
I know this sounds cheesy and sounds like it’s asking a lot but if you make fitness your life, it won’t be a chore or an extra thing on your plate. It’ll just be. I can personally say if you start thinking of fitness as your go-to or just default way of being, it all gets 10x easier.

(Here is a photo of how awesome you’ll feel:)


All this is easier said than done; trust me I know. But all it reallllly takes is some willpower and good organisation to make balancing life and fitness second nature. I always tell myself that if Anna Wintour can fit in a tennis game before her daily morning blowout, I can fit in some weekly gym-time.

What other kinds of posts would you guys like to see!? How do you balance everything?

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