Month-iversary: What I’ve Learned About Blogging So Far

July 1, 2015

It’s official: Gymbags and Jetlags is one month old!

So today I wanted to do a post on what I’ve learned so far about running a blog and the whole blogger-sphere. I’m thinking of doing some sort of blogging tips on the 1st of every month. What do you think?

Without further ado, I present: 6 things I’ve learned about blogging so far:

1. No one wants to just read a blog. They want to climb inside and live it.

From the tone used for writing to the artistic photographing, blog post making is unlike anything else. A post has to be informative, engaging and inviting. This is why both having a blog and even just reading others is so much fun.


2. Taking an “admin” day is key.

I forgot which blog I read this on but taking one day a week as a planning/behind the scenes day is so helpful. Whether is planning new posts, installing a new plugin or setting up an email newsletter (which took me like three hours), a day to focus on everything but post writing can be really good. I have a running of projects I’d love to do with G&J. It’s a great source of inspiration and motivation.


3. Aesthetic reigns supreme.

Duh. The theme and look of your blog can easily be the most time consuming but rewarding part of a blog. I’ve learned so much just about branding and colour schemes. Also, fun fact: did you know there’s actually a word for when you align objects on a table or bed?! It’s called knolling. The more you know. (See example below- I never blog without tea!)



4. Not all posts where created equal.

I have more fun writing some posts other than others. This month, I lovvvved writing about breathing out fat and organic food because I learned so much while doing research for them. I also love doing my “snapshots” posts and sharing photos from exhibits or new places. Blogging lets you choose your content.


5. The blogging community is amazing.

I know I gushed about the amazing bloggers I’ve encountered so far in this post already but truly, the blogging community is awesome. No one is competitive. Everyone wants to learn from each other and compliment each other. I read an article critiquing bloggers, calling it all “a circle jerk.” Firstly, this is untrue because the great thing about blogs is that they’re so accessible whether you’re a blogger or not and secondly, even if this way true, I’d be okay with it because if it means I get to interact with all these amazing and creative people, why not?


6. It will take over your life.

Even when I had my first little blog and wasn’t posting every day, blogging is on my mind 24/7. Post ideas spring up everywhere and little comments from friends can turn into entire posts. I always have my notebook on me that’s full of random ideas. Even if most of them don’t see the light of day, constantly being creative is one of my favourite parts of running a blog.


So there you have it. There are still so many things I want to do with G&J, like interviews, maybe a collaboration and making a video for the about page. I also still have to figure out how really work the social medias and have yet to acquire an amazing SLR camera. But I can’t wait to see where G&J will go next.

What projects do you have going on or are dreaming of? What’s your #1 blog tip?

xx, Pia

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