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Choo Choo! An Intro to Traveling By Train

July 13, 2015


Now a’days, if you want to travel somewhere, chances are you have quite a few options of how to get there: plane, car, bike (major respect), boat or train.

While I most often find myself on planes when it comes to traveling, I do actually really like traveling by train too. Honestly, I’d say that there are so few cons to train travel that it’s on the top of my list for modes of transportation!



+ confortable
Maybe it’s just me but I find train seats to always be suuuuper comfy and I sleep so well on them.

+ easy
Train stations are almost also in the center of town and without any complicated security checks, boarding is a breeze too.

+ faster than car travel
This is a pretty obvious one; trains generally go faster than cars.

+ two words: dining car.
One of my favourite train memories was introducing one of my best friends to Bratwurst on a train from Hamburg to Berlin. Case and point: dining cars are awesome.


+ possibly expensive
When I went to London, taking a plane ended up being cheaper than rail. Just do your research.

+ not luggage friendly
Trains admittedly aren’t the best for people who like to travel with three suitcases and two bags (everyone has that one friend) because they don’t really provide anywhere to store your stuff.

So as you can see, trains are kind awesome. They’re good for people who get car sick (the ride is more stable and the train cars tend to be nice and airy) and are great for anyone with a fear of flying. There’s a reason why almost 400 billion people used rail transport in the EU during 2014 (27.6 billion people did in the US).

What are your favourite modes of transportation?

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