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How To Pack When You Have No Time

August 13, 2015

Confession: I’m a procrastipacker.

I wait until the very last minute to pack because I always assume it’ll take only five minutes. (Yes, even when I have to pack to go back to school for four months… My flight leaves in 36 hours and my suitcase is still somewhere in the basement).

Though through my many frantic throwing-everything-in-a-suitcase episodes, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing quickly while also packing well. There are six simple steps for how to pack when you have no time:

1. Pack by day

If you’re going somewhere for up to two weeks, think about packing by outfit. If you choose one pair of shorts, choose four shirts that can go with it. See, now you’re four days down, ten to go.

If you’re going somewhere for longer, pack by choosing what you can re-wear the most often or what goes with the most. So a shirt that only goes with one skirt might not be as good of a choice as a sweater that goes with everything you own.

2. Pack by “category”

Once you’ve got your clothing sorted out, think of any special events you might need extra things for. Birthday dinner? Throw in a fancier dress. Hiking? Throw in some athletic clothing. Swimming/beach-time? Throw in a bathing suit (and sunscreen!).

3. Pack the… intimates

Ladies, you might need a few different bras to go with different outfits. Throw ’em in.

Then pack your undies. This one’s pretty simple: if you’re going for nine days, pack ten (better safe than sorry, you never know if you’ll get pushed in a pool, sit in some ice cream or….). Then, alongside your undies pack anything special you think you might be in need of. Your favorite bra, your prettiest pants, or maybe even your True Pheromones spray – you never know, you might feel like meeting someone!

And socks!! I forget socks so often. Throw in at least a pair’a’day. No one wants to re-wear sweaty gross socks. Better safe than sorry!

4. Now for the shoes

Shoe should come near last because they’re heavy and the easiest to compromise on. As much as you may love both pairs of your Doc Martens, try to settle for just your Keds instead (they’re so much lighter and smaller). I usually bring one pair of day-to-day sneakers, athletic sneakers, sandals/flats and flip flops (and I’m usually wearing one of these to travel in). If you don’t have a light pair of sneakers to pack or wear on your travels, you may want to head online to purchase a pair of Nikes or something like that, especially as you can benefit from discounts and coupon codes from Raise to help you get a great saving on them. There’s nothing quite like shoe shopping, particularly when you grab yourself a great bargain!

5. Cosmetics.

I actually once went on a week long trip and totally forgot that cosmetics were a thing while packing. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it felt silly buying everything I needed just because I had literally forgotten everything.

Cover your basics first: toothbrush, brush, makeup. Most hotels (and friends’ houses) will have shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste for you. Only bring these if you’re picky because they’re heavy and prone to leaking.

6. Think.

Is there anyyyyything else you might need? Any gifts? Any electronics/chargers?

Don’t forget that you also have your carry on to stuff full of things like in-flight magazines, your passport and other important/entertainment stuff.

What kind of a packer are you? What packing tips do you have?

Also speaking of Time, I’m just going to leave this here (I laugh so hard every time).

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