How The Tables Have Turned: What Posts Do You Want to See?!

October 8, 2015


Hello my dear readers, it’s been far too long.

Between uni and socieities and sports and life, I promise I have not forgotten about this blog. This is still my favourite hobby and something I hope to continue for a long longggg time.

That being said, I need your help!

What posts would you like to see on Gymbags and Jetlags in the coming months?

More science-y health posts? (See What’s the Deal with Vitamin D? as an example)

More bloggin’ tips? (See How To Advertise Your Blog (And Not Be Super Annoying) )

More fitness posts?

More travel posts?

A new theme entirely?

Your opinion honestly means the world to me. I’m so excited an curious to see what you’ll choose.
Comment below to chime in (and link a favourite post if you have one!).


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