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November 2015


Blogging Holiday Break!

November 28, 2015


Don’t fret, I won’t be gone for long!

Between getting ready to go home and resiving for exams life is crazy!

Mark your calenders to check back here on December 28th for shiny new posts and more fitness and travel tips (yes, it’s going to be Christmas miracle, get excited).

Until then, stay warm and have a hot choclate for me.

xx, Pia

Berlin Destinations Slider

BERLINgering (with a cheatsheet!)

Before I even start gushing about this city, let me just say it took all my willpower not to name this post “Ich Bin Ein Berliner.” Having grown up in NYC, I’m really picky when it comes to cities. I can’t help but nagging…

November 21, 2015

Travel Wishlist: Being a Traveller, Not a Tourist

I recently came across a saying, “I’m a traveller, not a tourist” that got me think about how I think about travel. I’ve done a travel wishlist on the places I’d love to go and even what I’d love to have while travelling. But I…

November 9, 2015
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THE Best Web and Phone Apps for Bloggers… Ever.

Can you believe another month has flown by?! Gymbags and Jetlags just turned 5 months old!! For you new readers, on the 1st (-ish) of every month I post some blogging tips, generally about something I’ve learned from the blogger-sphere over the past month. So…

November 2, 2015