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January 2016

Destinations London

Wanted in London: The Cereal Killer Cafe

Whenever I go somewhere new, my main goal is to find somewhere quirky and fun. Picture a wall of more cereals than you can dream of; yes, your childhood favourites are there along with ones you’ve never even imagined. Now try to decide whether to…

January 28, 2016
Culture Music

Jam Sesh III: New Year, New Vibes

Ahhhh yes, 2016. Two thousand. Sixteen. I think I’m going to really stress when it’s 2020. But for now I’m fine. Anyway, I thought I’d celebrate us getting through the first month of the year with a new playlist and Jam Sesh post (January…

January 25, 2016
Fitness Running Sports Tips

How to Get Runner’s High (How To Start Running)

I know I don’t have to tell how to start running; you’ve been doing that since the age of two. But I’m talking about really running. Like Usain Bolt running. Okay, maybe not quite Usain-level but like runner’s-high level. You’ve probably heard of runner’s high:…

January 21, 2016
Fitness Tips

How to Sync Your Body… No Cables Needed

You might have heard of this thing called your circadian rhythm. It’s very basically your body’s very own rhythm for the circle of life (queue Lion King music). Back when we were hairy cave people, our body’s took queues from the sun and light about when…

January 14, 2016

FREE (or almost free) Things To Do No Matter Where You Travel

The harsh reality of travel is that it’s expensive! Even with cheap flights being offered by RyanAir or EasyJet, there are still airport transfers, accommodation, transport and food costs. Of course, as every travel blog, I’ve done a “How To Travel on a Budget”…

January 11, 2016