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How to Get Runner’s High (How To Start Running)

January 21, 2016


I know I don’t have to tell how to start running; you’ve been doing that since the age of two.

But I’m talking about really running.

Like Usain Bolt running.

Okay, maybe not quite Usain-level but like runner’s-high level.

You’ve probably heard of runner’s high: the euphoria that runner’s feel during or after a run; similar but not quite the same feeling as endorphins.

This feeling makes you want to head out again just to get a shot of that sparkly, energised feeling (even if you’re sweating and panting).

Sound appealing?

Good! Because it’s super easy to get. Literally all you have to do is run.

Fine; I know that’s definitely easier said than done but that’s why I whipped up this no-frills guide on how to start running! You can thank me for those marathon trophies later.


1. Set a goal.

It’s hard to run around if you feel like there’s no point to it. Running goals come in alllll shapes and sizes. And the best part is they can always be changing. Sometimes I want to have a good time on my 5k, sometimes I just want to run through the park. Some ideas are:

+ time duration (run for a full 20 minutes)
+ distance (run a 5k)
+ a certain location (run to the zoo)
+ do intervals
+ generally improve fitness

2. Motivation!

Queue the playlist. Eat right. Buy the gear. Set the route.

Motivation is similar to your goal in that they both help you get your butt out there. If you can figure out how to start running and what makes you not only excited to run, but actually gets you out the door, you’ve got a stellar life hack.


3. Start Small… Don’t overdo it!

Some people say to start with 1 min walk/run intervals, while others recommend jumping right into a 20 minute run.

It really comes down to what you think you can do. Start small! The most important thing is to keep your form and breathing in mind. Don’t slouch and keep your arms active. Breathe evenly (check out my post on powering your run with breathing for more).

Think of it this way: the smaller you start, the more you get to improve!


4. Pick up the pace or add time.

Once you’re comfortable doing those 20 minute runs or on your route through the park, push yourself a bit! Run harder, better, faster, stronger (thanks, Kayne).


5. Ride out the runner’s high.

Now that you tapped into that magical source of secret goodness known only to runners, enjoy it. You might feel it during your run or after (I usually get it post-shower… making me want to get sweaty all over again).


Also, can we talk about these PINK running leggings?! They’re so fun and on sale! You can get them here for FREE if you buy a sports bra. Yeah, I got these $66 leggings for free with a $30 sports bra. How awesome is that?!

But getting back to running, even if running isn’t your main exercise, adding a run or two for cardio into your weekly schedule can really give you a great fitness boost. And now you know how to start running too!

Have you ever felt runner’s high? Or am I just going crazy?

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