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Jam Sesh III: New Year, New Vibes

January 25, 2016


Ahhhh yes, 2016.

Two thousand. Sixteen.

I think I’m going to really stress when it’s 2020. But for now I’m fine.

Anyway, I thought I’d celebrate us getting through the first month of the year with a new playlist and Jam Sesh post (January is the Monday of the year after all) .

These are some of my favourite posts to do because I loveeeee sharing music with people. I’ll warn you in advance though; I have a very eclectic music taste (see the first and second jam sesh-es for proof!).

When putting together these playlists, I usually just look at my recently added playlist on iTunes but try not to included songs with over a million views on YouTube. I’m just a hipster like that….


I just think if you wanted to hear popular songs you wouldn’t be reading this or would have already heard of them.

So without further banter or ado, here’s your first G&J Jam Sesh of 2016. Enjoy!


*Image from here.

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