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Run-ssentials: Nike GPS Watch

February 29, 2016


I’m one of those people.

need my Nike GPS watch.

I can’t run without somehow tracking my run. Whether it’s with an app (like Zombies Run, the best app ever) or some gadget, I just need to know how far and how fast I’ve run…. otherwise I just feel no motivation.

Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different methods but one, and only one, really stuck.

Okay fine, it was also $150.

But it was so worth it!!!

I’m talking about my Nike GPS watch, more formally known as the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS.

This watch is great. I don’t even know where to start. Let’s start with what you can track. In short, you can track anything. Okay, not anything, but:

+ avg. pace
+ current pace
+ time
+ duration
+ distance
+ laps
+ intervals
+ the amounts of jealous looks you get
running with this super fly tech…..



While all that stuff is admittedly pretty standard, I like the Nike GPS watch because it connects to both GPS and an optional shoe pod for extra accuracy.

I also like it because of it’s ease of use. While it comes with a USB cable, you can actually just plug it straight into your computer. This is where the magic happens.

All your run data automatically gets sent to, where you can view your route, time, splits, etc. And all the while your watch is unassumingly charging itself and recalibrating its GPS. Not bad right?!

For all you fashionistas out there, it even comes in various colours (black, white, yellow and different inner band colours).

Oh, AND this Nike GPS watch lights up when you tap it. Perfect for you night crawlers.

While I still find myself running with my phone on an armband, there’s something I like about not relying on my phone during my run. Not to mention that looking at my wrist mid-run is ten times easier than doing a casual upper arm glance.

What’s your go-to run tracker? Have you tried or heard of the Nike GPS watch?

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