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March 31, 2016

Blog Writing

It may not be the start of a new month quite yet but it’s almost April! That means a new Blogging Tips post!

As always, I cannot believe we’re FOUR months into 2016 already. But I’m psyched that the weather is warming up and summer is coming.

Today I wanted to talk about actually writing a blog.

*shock* *horror* *astoundment*

No, I don’t mean the post queuing, the photographing or even choosing what to write about. I mean the actual writing itself. I was recently talking to a friend of mine about how writing a blog is totally different than writing a book or essay. No one wants to read an overly academic tone or superfluous description of your skylight.

I’ve realised that I tend to pay attention to five things when I’m writing blog posts. (I even made a handy graphic for you of these blog writing tips!)


+ short paragraphs

You might have noticed that I hardly ever write a full paragraph. It’s pretty much because it’s a lot easier to read single lines of text.

+ simply worded and conversational

Blogs are usually fun, easy and legible. Most people don’t expect the same writing from a blog as the New York Times. The best tip I ever heard about writing a blog was that you should write as if you were writing a message to a friend. Keep it friendly and casual!

+ use italics, punctuation and caps to your advantage

There is always room for expression and punctuation (ha, see what I did there? …. and there?). Even though you’re speaking through a screen, there are still a tonnnn of options to add emphasise and some extra oomph to your words.

+ still conveying meaning

While keeping your words plain and fun, make sure they still have meaning. There’s a difference between writing about how much you lovvvvvve a city and why you really love it. A blog post should always help your readers in some way. If you can be both interesting and charming, you’re golden.

+ spelling, grammar and coherence check

I know that spell check is a great invention but nothing beats the human eye. I’ve learned that no matter how well I think I’ve written something, chances are there will be an error somewhere (which my mom will inevitably email me about from across the Atlantic). I’ve actually also found that if you’re writing about something you love, re-reading your own posts can be weirdly enjoyable!

There ya have it; my top five blog writing tips!

All that being said, I promise I’m no expert myself (I’m sure there’s some error in this post or overly complex sentence hiding somewhere).

It all takes time and effort to perfect each text and even just to find your own blogging voice.

What are you blog writing tips?

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