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Out of The Box: Travel Memory Box

March 7, 2016

I always loved the idea of scrapbooks.

The little stickers, pretty calligraphy and actual printed photos.

Unfortunately, my life doesn’t really allow time for scrapbooking (I do this think called blogging sometimes instead).

There are obviously also a million other ways to remember memories that don’t involve hours of cutting. But I promise you, none are as easy as this one.

Are you ready?


Okay. This thing is called a memory box. I know it sounds super complicated but don’t be scared. It’s ultra easy. Like a two year old could literally make one.

A memory box is literally just a box of memories.


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Or more specifically: just ticket stubs, boarding passes and polaroids. There is literally no limit to what you can throw in there (well, as long as it fits in your box… you might want to think inside the box for this one). I usually end up including:

+ tickets
+ flight itineraries
+ post cards
+ business card of cute places
+ maps (yes, I have a few maps of zoos)
+ subway cards
+ squished pennies or some other slightly 3D object

Props to Julia @ Explores More for the idea of a memory box; I’ve been doing it forever but didn’t really think of it as a thing.

The best part about memory boxes is that they’re SO easy to “make” too. It’s a three step process: aquire box, collect memory-triggering-reminding-things, and put said things in said box. Boom.

I think a bunch of matching (or mistached!) boxes lined up on a shelf would look super cool. I’m working on it….

How do you remember your trips?

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