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True or False: Walking Is As Good As Running

April 4, 2016

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This is an age old question.

Okay, maybe it’s a rather recent question actually.

But either way, is walking as good as running?

Some people say that a 40 minute walk is just good a 20 minute run. You’re getting your heart rate slightly up and doing cardio either way. Some people even argue that walking is even better than running because it’s less stressful on your body if you’re not used to that level of activity.

Greatist says that running takes 2.5 times more energy than walking. However, their article also says that runners tended to lose more weight and regulated appetite hormones better than walkers.

However, this Prevention article argues that walking is altogether better because it has less stress on your heart, along with the rest of your body than running. Then again, it was taking runners who run for upwards of two hours into account.

Aaaaaand then there’s Forbes, who says that pretty much any cardio has risks and if neither running or walking are for you, there’s always yoga or pilates or…. (helpful, right?).

If you want some more reading, Health Ambition has the most comprehensive view by far (they’ve got how-to’s and benefits to walking).


There are also a few things that the two have in common. Walking and running don’t have different effects on how long you live and both are admittedly forms of exercise.

Here’s a little simplification of what it really comes down to when asking if walking is as good as running:

+ does burn some calories
+ less injury risk

+ burns more calories
+ more weight loss
+ appetite hormone regulation

(aren’t I a natural model?)

But if you’re a hater of running, do not despair!

If you are going to go with walking as a workout, there are some hacks to make walking as good as running:

+ speed walk (get their heartrate up!)
+ added weights
+ walk more and longer
+ sneak in “workouts” (speed up on your way to work or class!)

So I think that overall, we can say that no, it isn’t true that walking is as good as running. But there are benefits to both.

Are you into walking? Or are you a die-hard runner?

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