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Coming Soon…

May 30, 2016

Hey there!

G&J will be be revamping over the next couple weeks.

Stay tuned for more fitness and travel posts (and probably some more ridiculous pictures too).

Leave any ideas ideas you have in the comments!!

November Update: I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN.

Life is a little crazy right now but just you wait, I’ve got quite a Christmas gift for you. 😘


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5 Truths About Being A Celiac

Gluten has become such a buzzword nowadays. And not in a nice way. I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease when I was 14. I think I actually got pretty lucky finding out then because I meant that I had time to try most gluten-filled foods and was…

May 9, 2016
Blogging Culture

6 Things To Know About Dating a Blogger

It’s the start of a new month with mean new a blogging tips post! After reading this (kinda bad) article by Cosmo on “15 Things to Know Before You Gate A Girl Who Blogs,” and then Teegan’s (much better) post on “15 (Real) Things…

May 5, 2016