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March 30, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep lately.

It’s so bizarre to me how deeply sleep can affect my mood and how people have such drastically different sleeping patterns or needs.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can sleep for 13 or 6 hours and feel great. Other times, after 8 hours of sleep I end up feeling even more tired.

I feel like my sleep schedule is never, well, on a schedule.

But thanks to a few sleep hacks (and lots of trial and error), I find myself waking up refreshed more and more often.

There are a mind blowing amount of factors that can affect your sleep. Stuff like:

+ what you ate
+ how much caffeine you had
+ your stress level
+ your happiness level
+ if you worked out
+ if you napped
+ how much water you drank
+ blue light amounts from your screens
+ what noises are around you
+ how cold your room is
+ what your bed feels like

… If feels like literally everything can contribute to a good or bad night’s sleep.

So to make it all a little more manageable, I paired up with Leesa,* an online mattress provider, to outline of few of our top sleep tips.

Ready to be a morning person?

 Set a bed time

Getting your body into a rhythm is the easiest way to get better sleep. As I said before, I’m terrible at this being at university and all (well, I technically have two bed times, either 9pm or 2am hehe).

Have a Night Routine

Everyone talks about their morning routines but what about a night routine? It’s the perfect way to get in the zone for some sleepy time.

Action hack: Get some apple or sleepy-time tea (caffeine-free is key) to get your body used to thinking, “Ah, this tea. Time for bed!”

Be Productive and Positive

Before bed (ideally during the day, ha), get stuff off of your to do list to minimise stress and sleeplessness. Or make a list for tomorrow. Either way, by doing this, you can tell your mind to relax.

To boost positivity, I’ve started to think about one positive thing that happened in my day before bed, whether it was a new thing I learned or a good lunch with a friend. It really helps put me in a good mood!

Do Stuff With Your Day

This goes hand in hand with being productive but is even more simple. Just getting out of the house and buying groceries or flowers is a bone fide hack to feeling like you accomplished something during the day. And that feeling of accomplishment always leads to a good nights sleep for me.

Drink Water

Guys. Drink. Yo. Water. It helps regulate literally everything in your body and is magical. It’s my number one hack for more energy… and a good night’s sleep! No one likes to wake up in the middle of the night gasping for water.

Action hack: Sleep with a water bottle or glass next to your bed.

Pimp Out Your Alarm

This is a life-changer. If you use an alarm, chances are it’s the first thing you hear in the morning. So why not make it awesome? There are so many apps out there now with will wake you up with everything from the news to your favourite song.

My alarm is Time to Dance by The Shoes (Sebastian Remix). It gets me pumped literally every morning… even though I can’t just listen to the song anymore.

Make a Gradual Change

All of these are great tips to try but it’s worth pointing out that you shouldn’t try to fix your sleep all at once (leave that for jetlag and time differences *sigh*).Your body welcomes little changes a lot more. Be nice!


For more specific tips for being a morning person, you can check out Leesa’s graphic here.

I think figuring out what works for your sleep is truly a lifelong endeavour.

I’m sure when I graduate in a year, my sleep will be totally different.

But hey, until then, it’s all just a learning process.

What are you top sleep tips? Have you tried any of these?



* This post wasn’t sponsored, just collaborative. If you want to know more about Leesa, check out the Sweet Home’s review or their website (which features Michael Phelps lookin’ very cute).
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