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How To Recover from Eating a Little Too Much

November 26, 2017

Firstly, Happy belated Thanksgiving!

This year I somehow ended up at four thanksgivings throughout the week (yeah, we got hard here in Scotland) and boy, I am feeling it.

It feels something like never wanting to move again and wanting to go for a marathon run asap to get back some balance.

Ya feel me?

I’m all for letting yourself eat whatever you want without feeling guilty once in a while. But that doesn’t always mean that my body doesn’t try to protest anyway.

You know how after a big meal, the idea of moving for more than the distance from the table to your bed seems like a lot?

I get it.

So here are a few tips on how to start moving again after a heavy few days of eating.

(Also, how pretty is this sunset at a Thanksgiving bonfire I was at?!)

Walk it off

The easiest way to get your metabolism going a bit is to go for a wee stroll. Recruit some pals or family buddies to go for a walk after a big meal.

Take in the November air, the leaves, and the leftover Halloween decor/too keen Christmas lights.

Walking after a meal for even just 10 minutes has been shown to help with digestion and definitely make you more comfortable.


Stretch it out

Beng in a downward dog after finishing your third plate of pie might not sound great but even just lifting your arms overhead can create some room in your torso.

Or, just plop down on the floor and stretch a bit.


Give your stomach the morning off

After a huuuuuge meal, it might be a good idea to try ‘intermittent fasting’ for a bit.

Just because it’s breakfast time doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to eat. Wait until you’re actually hungry again… chances are it won’t be until to afternoon or evening anyway.


Sweat baby, sweat baby.

If you can stomach working up a sweat by working out after a huge feast: awesome, do it.

For the rest of us who aren’t feeling 100%, saunas are a great option for helping your body get rid of the toxins and other icky stuff. Just be sure to hydrate.


Forgive yourself

The worst thing you can do is get down on yourself. Don’t hop right on the scale or trying to add up all the calories. It makes that entire delicious meal that should be full of good memories into something negative.

Instead, focus on how delicious it was, the funny stories you heard and tell yourself that you don’t have to keep eating. It’s a new day.


Overall, it’s important to simply give yourself a few days to really recover and get back into your normal diet.

So I’m off to go take a walk with some of my favourite podcasts.

(But tbh I’m still dreaming of sweet potato mash with marshmallows….)

What are your post-Thanksgiving recovery tips?


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