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Some Poppin’ Podcasts (and a word to podcast nonbelievers)

July 28, 2017

I was sitting in my room yesterday wondering what to write a post about, listening to the most recent Tagline podcast, feeling inspired and all.

Then boom.

This post-piphany hit me.

I want to share some of my all-time favourite podcasts.

But before I get into all that, I want to talk to all you podcast non-believers out there.

Yeah. You.

I see you.

To be honest, I was you until like a month ago when I started listening to TSC Him & Her podcast (this one with the Fat Jew).

I won’t lie- I’d try to listen to that podcast and others before but either didn’t get into it or got annoyed by peoples’ voices.


Then I tried again and just got really inspired.

(Well, I actually was listening at work and laughed out loud in my very quiet office at a story about Kayne West and a wasabi pea… but that’s a story for you to go listen to yourself).

Something about podcasts just makes me feel like I’m being productive while literally doing nothing but listening. (Or rather, while doing other things… like gym stuff or laundry).

I listened to Jillian Michael’s podcast on the elliptical.

And then Chirs Harwick’s podcast on my way to work.

And Renee Young’s podcast while doing boring excels.

Before I knew it, I had my rotation of awesome podcasts; ranging from political to lifestyle-centered to blog-pirational (yes, I just used the word blog-spiration).

If you’re not a podcast believer but are willing to try, write me a comment with some things you’re into and I will make it my mission to hook you up with a podcast to get excited about. Seriously.

Δ  Δ  Δ

Now for those of you itching to try some new podcasts…

PS. I can’t promise that any of these are super hipster, off the beaten path podcasts but they are all pretty stellar and diverse.

1. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

I worship Lauryn’s blog, The Skinny Confidential, and her podcast (with her husband, Michael) is no different. This podcast generally has cool tips Lauryn and Michael have recently come across and an interview with people ranging from comedians to skin care experts.

In three words: fun, easy, good-to-hear-about-something-new


2. Tagline Podcast by Advertising Age

This is the newest podcast I’ve discovered by I’m hooked. It ponders topics ranging from advertising’s future to general creativity. And the guests are awesome and inspiring.

In three words: creative, inspiring, hip


3. Regular Girls with Renee Young and Stacey McGunnigle

I honestly can’t say that this podcast is really about anything. Listening to it is kind of like catching up with two pals. Last week was something about California vs. Canada and rollar rinks. Woo!

In three words: chatty, funny, chill


4. Pod Save America by Crooked Media

Their website honestly summarises it best: ‘this is a political podcast for people not yet ready to give up or go insane.’

In three words: political, intelligent, fun


It seems like there are SO many podcasts popping up every day (tbh even I’ve thought about doing one haha).

I’ve also been investigating/listening to/trying/judging:

+ Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig with Heather and Terry Dubrow
(if you can excuse the weird name, this podcast by the guy from Botched
and is funny, intelligent and all about random health stuff)
+ Bulletproof Radio 
+ Under the Skin by Russell Brand

So, there you have it.

My line up for inspiring and diverse podcasts.

Are you a podcaster/have I converted you? What are your favourites?!


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